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♔ die-hard vip. big bang are the kings; only the best wear the crown. kwon jiyong is the love of my life.

♥ db5k, beast, 2ne1, infinite (hoya).

◔ currently in love with oh sehun and thinks kim jongin is breathtaking.


▽ falling so hard for im jaebum.

jackson showing off his dougie

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patrichaa said:
WHAT omg... AJ you lite shit... You should have asked him to fricking comeback already -.- (So cool that you met him thought he's my ultimate bias :))

haha I don’t follow ukiss that much sooo I didn’t want to say anything controversial about the group in case he got offended or something LOL

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Anonymous said:
lol what was he doing there? was he with friends?

The club was called Circle and it’s like an Asian club with mostly Koreans. A few kpop celebs have performed there like Jay Park and Se7en. He was there with one friend (the friend wasn’t famous lol). He’s on break from ukiss studying at Columbia right now so probs just having fun on the weekend lol.

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Anonymous said:
Do you have a pic of Aj?

nooo he wouldn’t let us take pics. probs cause he didn’t want to be caught in a club LOL idk. But he wore white shorts and a grey sweater and a snapback.

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hellegrino said:
thats so cool!! Why wouldnt he let you have a picture?? Did you talk to him for a while? What was he like? oh- sorry if I am being too nosy

noooo he was kinda like curt and gave really short answers. I mean I understand he’s a celeb and he wants privacy but like you’re in a club what do you expect? LOL. I just asked him if he’s AJ from ukiss and he’s like “do I look like I’m AJ from ukiss?” with a knowing smirk. And I’m like yeah. And he’s like “oh thank you.” He probably didn’t want to take pics cause he’s a kpop celeb and didn’t want to be caught in a club?? IDK LOL.

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HOLY SHIT JUST RAN INTO AJ FROM UKISS AT THE CLUB. Except he was being all secretive and like not admitting he was AJ from U-Kiss but he obviously was. And when we asked for a pic he was like “no that’s not my right.” LOL I don’t even know.

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fade to black.

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